Choosing An Elopement Location

Where you choose to get married holds so much significance in your story. Is it a place you two have been before that is special to you? Somewhere you shared a first date? Or is it a place you have been dreaming of going and experiencing together for the first time? Wherever you envision saying 'I Do', here are some things to consider when planning + picking your elopement location.


Depending on how many guests attending and whether you will have elderly loved ones there, something to consider when picking your elopement location is how accessible it will be. If you have a range of age groups, I will assist with finding you a location that fits your vision and that all your guests can get to easily.


Intimacy and privacy are a special part of why so many couples choose to elope. The more seclusion you have, the more connected and present you can be. If you want to elope at a location that is more popular, like a National Park, consider eloping on a weekday when it's less crowded.

Backdrop + Scenery

Picking a location that feels like it fits your personalities is a great way to personalize your experience. Maybe you love camping in the mountains, exploring waterfalls, or watching sunsets on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Consider what you want to be surrounded by, what makes you feel alive, and what compliments your love.

If you know what type of scenery you want to be surrounded by but aren't exactly sure of a specific location, I will help you find a location based on your vision. Desert, glacier lakes, flower fields that meet the mountains, you name it.

Meaningful Places

Locations that already hold special meaning to your story make for great elopement locations because of their sentimental value. Think of places where you shared big and small memorable moments. First dates, first kisses, first 'I love yous'. Having your day at a place that is already special to you will make your elopement even more magical.


If you want to make your elopement day or week a whole experience, picking a location that you'd also be stoked to stay a while at for a honeymoon is a double bonus. Get married in Rome and then honeymoon for the week after. Locations that offer the option of a honeymoon after will make your entire experience that much more memorable.

Remember, I'm here to help along the way if you need any assistance, suggestions, or guidance with picking your location. Get in touch to start planning the elopement day of your dreams!