the girl behind the lens

This journey started for me in a very special and eye-opening way. I followed the traditional path all my years leading up to graduating college, with a degree in Kinesiology and with full intentions of pursuing Physical Therapy. Not too long after college I jumped ship, followed my heart, and never looked back.
While I was photographing a couple in Yosemite, I realized that I was experiencing the same feeling I felt whenever I have a camera in my hand. Whether I’m shooting nature, people, or even just taking photos with my iPhone, I feel overcome with happiness. Everything else washes away and I’m filled with the purest joy. This is the moment when I knew this was what I wanted and needed to do. And now I am so grateful that I get to do what I love and share that joy with others by capturing their love stories.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world, and can’t thank you enough for being here and wanting to get to know me and why I could be the right photographer for you!

Some fun facts about me: 

+ I love all things magical and mystical! Harry Potter, LOTR, Marvel, etc!

+ Nature gives me life! Part of what I love photograph is nature. So when I get to capture couples in a beautiful place, my soul lights up like the elevator buttons in Elf.

+ If I weren’t a photographer I would love to be a florist (I have tried making my own bouquets and it is definitely not my gift in this life, lol!).

+ I laugh easily and love to play and not take myself too seriously! So tell me alll your favorite dad jokes.

my love story

In 2015 I was so lucky to meet my husband and the love of my life! If you poked around my Instagram you might already know that we met the good old fashioned way...on TINDER! Yes! It works! Jake and I are always taking adventures together. We are parents to two adorable and demanding cats. We love to spend nights in, snuggling and binging on Netflix and snacks. And in 2019 we became husband and wife! I had no idea I could love someone so much until meeting Jake.