Hi! I'm so excited you are here and are interested in learning from me. I love supporting other photographers in their journey of growth. I seek to provide a loving + fun space where we can learn together and lift each other up along the way. 

I offer a range of mentorships and each session is catered to your specific needs + style of learning. Nothing is off the table during our sessions, and we can cover everything from growing your business, how I work with couples on a shoot, editing, to taking a deeper dive into your goals and setting a plan for how to achieve them, and more.


Mentorships  /  

let's learn & grow 



Let's hop on a video call and chat about anything that's on your mind! Editing, workflow, camera settings, nothing is off the table. 

2 hour video call  /

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Let's have a 1-on-1 date! We'll grab coffee or meet somewhere we can chat + chill. Up to 4 hours of face time and we can go over anything that's on your mind! 

Available on weekdays only and limited availability during busy season. Out of state travel fees are additional. 


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Let's Hang  /

In-person + shoot 03 

Let's hang + get creative together! I'll show you how I work with couples on a live shoot, and you'll get to shoot along side me + work with the couple on your own. You can ask me any questions during our time together, and we will have a FaceTime follow up to edit the images from our shoot + go over any additional questions you have. 

*Fully booked for 2023 

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Let's create togther  /